Attorney at Law and In-house Lawyer

Thomas Schurz …

  • admitted to the Cologne bar since 2012
  • high degree of internationalization
  • experience as Inhouse-Lawyer
  • studied in Germany and abroad
  • holds a current certificate of professional development by the German Bar Association

Attorney at Law Thomas Schurz is practicing as a lawyer since 2012.

He also works as an in-house lawyer at strongly internationally orientated High-Tech Company with an employee number in the five-digit range.

While practicing as an in-house lawyer, Thomas is required to

  • work closely with engineers, scientist, economists and executives,
  • explain legal aspects to non-lawyers in a comprehensible manner,
  • understand technical- and engineering challenges and
  • have a real interest in his counterpart’s work,

to achieve to company’s goals in the best possible way.

While practicing as an Attorney at Law, Thomas provides legal counseling and in and out of court representation to individual- and business clients.

With this combination it is possible for you to benefit from an in-house lawyer’s excellent understanding of business issues and at the same time to enjoy the individualized services of a law office to reach your goals in an ideal way.


Further training

Thomas continuously participates in trainings to enhance and affirm his skills, e.g. he participated in the following trainings:

A → Z

  • Commercial Tenancy Law
    • standard terms and conditions in commercial tenancy law, Beck Akademie
    • commercial tenancy law – general overview for a start and a consolidation, Beck Akademie
    • drafting contracts in commercial tenancy law – Deutsche Anwalt Akademie
  • International Law
    • Business Negotion and Mediation, Summer Academy, University of Cologne
    • Inheritance Law and International Private Law – attempt of an methodical approach, Kölner Anwaltverein Service GmbH
    • International Commercial Arbitration, Summer Academy, University of Cologne
    • International Common Law (contract law and contract drafting in English), Deutsche AnwaltAkademie
    • Training course International Business Law, Deutsche AnwaltAkademie
  • Real Estate Law
    • construction law in case of insolvency, Deutsches Anwaltinstitut
  • Business Law
    • Balance sheets – reading, understanding and interpreting, Deutsche AnwaltAkademie
    • Training course Trade- and Cooperations Law, Deutsche AnwaltAkademie


Advanced Training, certified by the German Bar Association – Deutscher Anwaltverein e.V.

Attorney at Law Thomas Schurz holds an up-to-date Advanced Training Certificate by the German Bar Association. To be awarded with such a certificate, the holder has to prove that he participated in 15 hours of advanced training for Attorneys during the current or the preceding year.



Before being able to be admitted to the bar, German jurists have to do a clerkship at various places, e.g. a Civil Law Court, the public prosecutor’s office, an administrative (goverment or close to government) institution and at an Attorney at Law. Thomas chose places in Germany and abroad for his training, among others, the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (focus on International Trade Law) and in Asia.

Besides his clerkship, Thomas worked at a Cologne Law Office and streamlined the processes for claims management and enforcement of judgements.



Thomas studied at the University of Cologne, Germany and at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), learning about Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law and specializing on International Law.

In International Law Thomas focused on Private International Law/Conflicts of Laws at the University of Cologne and focused on Public International Law at the Catholic University of Leuven.

Together with the Team of the University of Cologne, Thomas won the final round of the Telders International Law Moot Court at The Hague.